I am here again and today I jut want you to listen to this song by Rupee it tells you exactly how I feel about my country ūüėÄ ENJOY!



Barbados is my Home! (Beaches)















When I was little my mother would take my two older brothers, my older sister and I to the beach you see in the photo above. This is Stroud Bay St Lucy Barbados only five¬†minuets¬†walk from my home here in Crab Hill. I’ve had some wonderful days at that beach.¬†Climbing¬†the rocks, exploring the gully playing in the sand and of¬†course¬†taking a dip in the water.

This beach used to be a place where the whole community came to share stories and have wonderful food and just live. Now this has dwindled. I have been down to the bay this year, but only that once, as the way to this small bay is down the cliff from the main land and most of the ways are being blocked.


I love the sea, I love the way it smells the way it looks and the way it feels. True Stroud Bay is one of the more rough places to take a dip as it is close to the tempestuous north coast of the island, but to me the sea is the sea. These days, I take my dips either at Haywoods in St. Peter or at Browns beach just off both Bridgetown, and Christ Church

You might say, this is more of a tourists Idea of a beach. I like it here to0 the water is wonderful and the atmosphere is always filled with that energy the sea gives off. This beach is also on the West Cost (this one in particular is very close to the South Coast) where the seas are calmer and have less of a bounce. For those of you who do not know the west cost is the side of the Island that faces North America. The south north and especially the  east coast of the island are where you will find the wildest seas. Surfers are especially fond of  the Soup Bowl on the East coast. (The east coast faces the Atlantic Ocean.)

I find this particular spot¬†frighting, I’m not a surfer so I guess that is a given! Well I think you have¬†guessed¬†by now that I have been thinking about the sea today, I hope you enjoy these pointless tidbits!




An Open Book

Hi everyone, today was slow like Sundays usually are. Church was okay, and I had a great time¬†exercising¬†with my little cousins, and looking through my cousin’s (who lives in England) wedding pictures. I¬†discovered¬†Wordpress today! and so now I’m blogging.

Anywhos, today I also found myself reading for pleasure. The books that I buy, or that I am given as gifts from my friends, I only review on occasion. I’m¬†afraid if I review everything I read it will seem more like a job than a “hobbie”¬†does anyone even use that word anymore?

Right. Back to the topic. So  I was reading this book called Sacrificial Magic, My friend Greg gave it to me as a gift. And I am very happy to get it. I love the series the book comes from and so does he! Anyway it was an ebook and I am getting really used to them which I think is a really bad thing.

I don’t know about you, but for me there is something wonderful about a physical copy of a book that makes the reading experience so much more real. I don’t often buy books, but when I do they are the real thing. I mean the feel and smell of the pages is what makes half the story.

When I was reading Sacrificial ¬†Magic I had the craving for the physical copy, really I kept thinking if this were an actual page this book would be so much better! Unfortunately for me I don’t have the money for any books right now, and that particular book is¬†probably¬†not yet in stores here.

So¬†anyway, ¬†that is what I did today, boring I know but that how the day went….

-Rosa Xxx